Saturday, 19 March 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cathedral Interior... Development thus far...

Here's the further development images from the interior of the cathedral... i'm still working on the lighting and need to add the extra details to fill the scene like seaweed, barnacles, limpets, algae, particulate matter and textures.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cathedral Interior... Lighting Tests...

I decided to head into uni today and make the most of an opportunity to have a quick chat with alan in the 11-12am slot. This was the perfect opportunity to discuss the best way of adding effective and visually pleasing lighting into my scene, which had failed to do thus far. Fortunately, alan was just uploading an old bonus tutorial for spotlight settings to the tutorials blog, so he was able to point me in the direction of this video as well as give me a quick run through with some extra tips and hints. Using the tutorial and alan's advice, i was able to produce much better results straight away and with a bit of tweaking here and there, i think the lighting is on its way to achieve the visually pleasing fantastical imagery i'm hoping for...

Framing Practice... Seminar feedback...

After a really inciteful presentation on the theories behind Feminism, Marxism and Psychoanalysis, I had a small seminar with Chris Hunt, with 5 other people. In this seminar we took it in turns to share our ideas and topic areas to the group aiming to get some feedback and possible areas to look further into. The feedback i got was positive towards my idea of film violence and its affect on culture and society, with Chris suggesting to look at 'The Cinema Book' by Pam Cook as a good reference for film theory and analysis. Here is the additional feedback i received in preparartion for my dissertation:

- Look into the murder of Jamie Bulger, a toddler who was abducted, beaten and murdered by two ten year olds, with the media claiming excessive video game violence played some part in their actions.
- Look into Leni Riefenstahl, a German director who made many propaganda film films for Adolf Hitler. With particular study of 'Thriumph of the Will' (1935) and 'Olympia' (1938).
- A further question to pursue could be 'How does film affect a dominant ideology?'
- Look into Proganda and film propaganda, with particular study of 'Inglorious Basterds' (2009).

After speaking to Jolanta yesterday, she suggested reading 'Early history of Propaganda' by Noam Chomsky with particular focus on a case where a peaceful and non-violent society is introduced to propaganda and film propaganda causing an outburst of violence.

I'm also waiting on a dissertation/thesis about the affects of film violence on society, so this should also give me further knowledge and understanding of my topic. So far i have a lot to look into, including array of web articles and books that i still have to look into, but film violence and film's general affect on society is proving to be a really inciteful topic to write abut.