Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cathedral Interior... Lighting Tests...

I decided to head into uni today and make the most of an opportunity to have a quick chat with alan in the 11-12am slot. This was the perfect opportunity to discuss the best way of adding effective and visually pleasing lighting into my scene, which had failed to do thus far. Fortunately, alan was just uploading an old bonus tutorial for spotlight settings to the tutorials blog, so he was able to point me in the direction of this video as well as give me a quick run through with some extra tips and hints. Using the tutorial and alan's advice, i was able to produce much better results straight away and with a bit of tweaking here and there, i think the lighting is on its way to achieve the visually pleasing fantastical imagery i'm hoping for...


  1. some nice stuff happening here - but you'll need to consider further your approach to the textural detailing - limpets etc. - you need to mix up the scale more and think in layers - barnacles on limpets on algae etc. I appreciate you're still working things through - but right now the limpets etc. look as if there from a different world to everything else - they'll still need to fit the cross-hatch/illustrative style, right? More finesse and a lighter touch - and keep your foot on the gas! Vroom vroom (etc.)

  2. Yeah i completely agree, the two seem very different and don't match at all...

  3. Hi Ethan check out the concept art for the Goblet of Fire on this guys blog


    Some nice underwater stuff going on.