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The History of Butch Auntie...

VJ Specialists "Butch Auntie" are a creative outfit comprised of two film and television animators with many years experience in providing bespoke visual content for live events. In Mixing client-led content to live music, they've blown away countless major venues and festivals with their original spark, humour and bombastic video library. Butch Auntie comprises of two directors Steve Brown and Pete Wallace who have a long history in Visual Media and Animation. Before founding the company, both worked on major feature films and TV commercials for some of the best companies around. Steve's vast experience in the worlds of CG animation, Stop-frame and 2D animation have made him Butch Auntie's 'irreplaceable Quality Control and Ideas-Man.' Butch Auntie is also run by Pete Wallace, a Designer, VJ and Video Artist based in London, who explains, 'It was started with music events in mind, but has become an Audio Visual company with a variety of live event and installation setups in it's armoury. As a team of creatives and performers we take on projects from performance-based visuals through to large-scale projections for private and commercial clients.'

The kind of work Butch Auntie produces for its clients includes:

- Performance Visuals and Video Projection
- VJ set with DJ
- Architectural Projections
- Bespoke Mapping for large Buildings
- Video content for Private / Corporate Events

Some of the projects and events they have produced work for include:

- Carry On Doctor! - Private Themed Party, Leicestershire:

'A client with a passion for the Carry On movies gave us an unusual brief for this private, fun themed event. In keeping with the fantastic decor, we entertained the dancefloor with Ealing Mashups alongside DJ Matt Braddock.' (Butch Auntie).
- 1950's Argentine Buenos Aires Tango Birthday Party

'Wilton’s Music Hall is the last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world.  From 1859 - for close on 30 years – Wilton’s was alive with the magic of classical overtures, opera, choral, folk, dance, burlesque, circus acts, comedy and contemporary songs.  1500 people used to cram into the music hall to hear the top acts of the day. Auntie's visit to Wilton's Music Hall was a 70th Birthday Party for the recently deceased Christian Wolffer, millionaire wine-grower. The party was themed around 1950s Buenos Aires Tango, with other Argentinean influences. We accompanied live performances, act as a backdrop to some hired Tango-dancers - and a fab disco at the end of the night.' (Butch Auntie).
- 'Poetry City', Canterbury Festival:

Canterbury Festival managed to surpass itself this year,  with all kinds of events all around the city. One of it's most engaging features was the construction of a Poem written specially in the weeks running up to the Festival period.  Poet John Siddique and the Workers of Art commisioned us to map his work onto the ancient Westgate Towers at the of the Main Street. The work was entitled 'Poetry City'. Butch Auntie, her sister Clever Projections, and Artist Marc Chazot were pleased to have the chance to use written copy more formally within an AV artwork. This literally gave the building something to say, charging the company's designers with finding the best way to display an often delicate area of literature, without disturbing the flow or meaning behind each line.

'It was important that we used our technical skills to make the installation of this artwork as flexible as possible, so that changes could be made on site and everyone's expectations could be met. We had not used Poetry as a graphic element until now, and so we needed to make sure that we configured our software to maximise control over the separate foreground and background layers. It was thrilling to see local people's reaction and we've been humbled by the grand feedback' (Pete Wallace).

- Arcadia Stage - Glastonbury Festival:

‘The Team enjoyed a rapid-fire setup and Visuals set for the wierdest stage on earth!...
The Glastonbury Festival's Arcadia Stage was a spectacle in itself, our cherry on their Cake was the rapidly deployed projection setup we created for Electronic Funk band, The Egg.’ (Butch Auntie).

- The Tabernacle, South Kensington, London:

'As the sun fell on South Kensington, we turned its architectural jewel into an animated, living creature! On behalf of The Rainbow Collections Children's Foundation, Sophie Barker organised a Charity Auction inside The Tabernacle. Our task was to attract anyone and everyone to this fantastic building, inside which a large sum was raised to benefit school children in Africa.' (Butch Auntie).

- Warehouse Funhouse, Architectural Mapping:

'The client could have asked for something normal.  The client could have asked for something which would have looked delicate and ornate. But on this occasion we were happy to supply some of the oddest and most bombastic designs we've produced so far. This launch party in Islington gave the guests the chance to discover Alan Parker's new Design & Fabrication space while getting to know his friends and other associates.  As they partied, we choregraphed animations and photography to coincide with the evening's events. With a live link to the DJ, we decorated with live sound to keep everyone dancing well into the night.' (Butch Auntie).
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