Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Animator and Animation Reviews... Bill Plympton...

Bill Plympton is an American animator born in Oregon, in 1946. He attended Portland State University, from 1964 to 1968, where he was a member of the film society and in 1968 he transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Plympton's illustrations and cartoons have been published in The New York Times and magazines such as Vogue, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, gaining a distinctive style that is easily recognisable. As of 2006 he has created 26 animated short films and five animated features, as well as published a comic book, graphic novels and worked on music videos like Kanye West's 'Heard 'Em Say'. Throughout his career, Plympton has made 2 to 3 short films a year that keep bringing in a solid income from sales around the world.
'The Tune' is an animated film by American filmmaker Bill Plympton. It follows the story of a hard-working songwriter who is trying to write the perfect song, for his boss, so he can keep his job and his girlfriend. On his way to work he ends up getting lost in a town called Flooby Nooby, where he meets an Elvis-impersonating dog, a noseless cab driver, and a psychotic bellhop. The name of the town along with the crazy characters gives you a good idea of how weird and surreal this animation is. It's definitely good fun, but probably not a film i would choose to watch again. The drawings were very sketchy, which seems to me Plympton's style and the music was fun but annoting at the same time. Again, it was the characters that interested me in this animation, but other than that, i didn't enjoy the film very much.

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