Thursday, 1 April 2010

Line Swan Dance Test...

After my lasy attempt at trying to work out the positionin gof my character in the animation, i decided to try an even simpler idea to see whether that would work. I took a frame from each second of the dance on YouTube, up to a minute. Then i drew a line/squiggle to represent the body shape and position. I feel this is equally as unsuccessful as my attempt with my character, although, i still need to add the music, but i don't think that it will make too much difference. My next idea is to just take a frame from each second of the dance and edit that together, because it may be looking funny because essentially, the footage is jumping. If the edit looks funny, it means that it doesn't matter what i do, doing each second will always look jumpy and when i add in between frames, i may look better.

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