Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Work Placement: Day One to Day Three...

So straight after completing my Maya tutorials over the weekend, i was into a new brief, not supplied by Phil or Alan this time, but from the guys over at Butch Auntie as i had the opportunity to work on my first live project. I can't say what it is that we are doing, for obvious reasons, but we were given quite a lot of freedom and a really strong style to run with. I took advantage of  the library to get a better knowledge and understanding of this style, making notes of key and interesting pieces that represented the style well. From this list i began to to develop some concepts using the images as reference points. This worked fairly well, producing some bold graphical images, particular focusing on a red, black and white colour palette. However, it wasn't until the morning of day two that i really began to get more hands on with the particular style we were given, as i delved further into my research, i began to uncover some more interesting reference images. As i became more comfortable with the direction of some of my concepts, i began to do some tests, firstly in Maya creating models and using surface shaders to apply the strong red, black and white colour pallette to the interesting shapes i had gathered from my references. Come the end of today, and i really had to push myself to reach our first deadline, adapting the Maya models and using after effects to composite all the work i had done. Unfortunately, despite it only being a draft deadline, i did come in with the work late and therefore i wasn't too happy myself. This was due to a nightmare problem with computers not running properly and exporting problems. Eventually i churned out my work and was able to send the files over to Pete, after having my first experience what the deadlines in the industry can be like, despite being a nightmaric one. Even though it's only been a few days, i've already felt the pressures of quick interim deadlines and having to churn out work at a much faster pace as i'm working for someone else. Hopefully i can learn from these past few days and develop an ability to produce high quality work at a much quicker speed for efficiency and time management in my projects.

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  1. I read this post with great interest, Ethan - work faster, more efficiently - lessons you'll take into the third year and beyond!