Thursday, 21 April 2011

Work Placement... Week One...

So week one has been and gone and probably remains a week well worth forgetting, but an experience that shares a few home truths about the difference between university life and working life. Our first interim deadline was Wednesday which gave me 3 days to do my research and put together a few preliminary test clips to help develop our ideas further. Due to computer problems and poor time management i managed to miss the deadline by a few hours, not making the best start. Come Friday and another interim deadline was set to keep an update on the progress we were making. Unfortunately, I was travelling back home to Norfolk that day which made it difficult for me to upload my work in time for the deadline, with Pete allowing me the weekend to further develop my work and upload it on Monday. Commence the issues and problems of working from home. I've found that working from home, despite sounding like the perfect job, to be more of a hinderence that a benefit. Distractions can easily get in the way of your work, especially when going to visit the family for a week during the holidays. I find that you have to be very disciplined to work office hours from home. Another problem it poses is communication, as i find working in an office environment among other work collegues, often adds for better social connection as well as better discussion and feedback when compared to emails and phonecalls. Overall, the first week was quite hard to take, with a lot of lessons learned already and hopefully many more to come.

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