Monday, 26 September 2011

Drop-in Tutorial... Week 2...

After a long discussion about my environment design for the Pied Piper with Phil today, i had a lot to take in, but very exciting times are ahead indeed. We've already established that this set should be heavily influenced by expressionism's strong style and bold shapes, and Phil has suggested getting hands-on and stuck in by being extremely experimental and slightly 'bonkers!'. This next two weeks will be about documenting these experiments which will include using a spotlight and sharp objects to create expressionistic silhouettes, using sound in alchemy see what fascinating shapes can be produced, and experimenting with all kinds of organic and natural textures to play with. I'm looking to document the work i produce in the form of a series of video diary entries which will give a first hand view of what i'm doing and the results that i'm producing. Alongside this creative development of ideas, we also discussed the possible of giving the environment design more meaning; more purpose and Phil has suggested setting the piece after the children have been kidnapped.The audience can therefore accept that the town is desolate for a reason, instead of wondering where all the people are. Some eerie and creepy music can be used to emphasise this idea of a desolate town, the soundtrack can possibly be produced in Soundtrack Pro similar to what i produced for the transcription project.

Apart from my minor project, we also discussed some areas of research for my dissertation. Some keywords and films cropped up as well as some suggested reading sources and articles. I'm particularly interested in the controversy surrounding the Human Centipede 2 and its predecessor, as well as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, part of the Guinea Pig film series, in which it has been believed that the film was depicting a real murder, it was so photorealistic. A new category of films have been introduced to me as well, in the form of mondo films and snuff films.

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