Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Major Project... Idea #2...

After considering my experimental idea further, i feel that it could possibly be too much of a risky move for my major project, and i find myself questioning its purpose and what i might gain from the experience. So instead, i've looked to an environment design idea to further develop my skillset from the Transcription and Minor project. My new idea is based around chinese celebration/tradition, considering events like the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Lantern Festival. The piece would be an environment design that uses cinematic camerawork with atmospheric build up of tension, based in a town that would be set at night and presented as mysterious and abandoned as the audience is lead through the environment. The finale would end in a fantastical and magical scene encompassed by a wide shot of the sea as lanterns are flying in the sky and boats float on the water. This animation would take the skillset i've developed from my Transcription and Minor projects, and aim to develop them further, enforcing higher levels of professionalism; continuing to look into the importance of set design, cinematography, and lighting etc.

Below are some of the kinds of reference images i'd be using to create my environment design...

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  1. Hi Ethan - hmmm - okay, but I think this might feel derivative of Green Octopus's environment - that is not to say you're in anyway mimicking them, I just wonder at the essential distinctiveness of this ball park?