Monday, 30 January 2012

Major Project... Life-Cycle Installation Piece...

After a chat with Phil today, we discussed my idea of an installation piece that splits experimental visuals and audio across multiple screens. After discussing the idea of some themes, Phil showed me some examples of abstract CG pieces, that experimented with bold abstract visuals and enticing soundscapes. Whilst my original idea was to create a piece that was based on an aesthetical theme like oriental art, Phil suggested that the theme should have a purpose; dealing with themes like fear, time and space. After a bit of research and thinking, i've considered the theme of "birth, life and death", with a possible transition that could be looped. The soundscape would begin with sound derived from heartbeats, amniotic fluid, and babies crying, which would then transition into more organic and natural sound representing life, before the final transition into death, resembled by pain and suffering, making the viewer feel uneasy. Below are a couple of interesting abstract examples which have some lovely visual and audio combinations.


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