Sunday, 2 May 2010

Slime Mold... My Idea...

So i've decided that i would like to base my project on the life cycle of slime mold. I feel there is a great opportunity to show some amazing visual aesthetics and i also feel i have a fairly good basic understanding of this life cycle. Although i still need to do some more research and begin drawing my ideas up, i have come up wih a two-part structure idea. I feel this will work well in providing the important information the viewer needs and then being able to create a beautiful visual aesthetic to back that up, giving them a good idea of the whole life cycle both factually and visually...

Here's my two parts:


- A factual, step by step guide of the slime mold's life cycle. I'm not too sure what style i will use for this yet, but in my head i have two ideas; a futuristic computer analysis breakdown which will have scanners, writing, and images etc... or a more graphical, fairytale style, almost telling the story of the life cycle, i feel this gives an opportunity for some beautiful graphic designs to go with the facts.


- In this second section of the animation, i will have a visual representation of the life cycle using animation and beautiful visual aesthetics to interest and intice the audience, giving them a better understanding of the process. I would like to use an interesting or beautfiul environment to really give the life cycle that wow factor. I thought of possibly using an aquarium as the environment, but i need to check with Dr. Klapper, whether slime mold does or doesn't grow in a aquarium because my research on the internet has given me a mixed response. If not a similar environment to some of the scenes in Avatar would work very nicely as well, but i would also have to consider how much time i have and what i am able to produce using Maya.

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