Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Fly (1958) Review...

The Fly (1958) is the original version of a scientist experimenting with matter transference accidentally exchanging one arm and his head with that of a fly which was in the transfer chamber. Although the film is very relevant to our unit of narrative and was definitely worth watching for its Sci-Fi B-movie context, I found The Fly a very slow film. It's horror and sci-fi genres were clear to find but i didn't find they had your typical conventions of either and therefore i didn't enjoy them as much i would usually enjoy a horror or sci-fi film. I found the story was more about the female character and mystery of what happened than being a full n sci-fi or horror film like we're used to. However, it was helpful to see the kind of effects and standards of these 50s sci-fis because that's something we need to approachin our own retro trailers. One particular part that stood out in the film was the scene at the end with the scientist being caught in a spider's web, which seemed extremely cheesy and looked awful to the effects of today's standards. I found most of the more 'horrific' scenes in the film to actually be funny and cheesy, but i suppose that's because our horrors have changed vastly since the 50s. Overall, The Fly wasn't my kind of film but i would like to see the 1986 remake after what some of the guys said to me, it sounds like a better rendition of the story to me, definitely worth checking out.

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