Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Western Kung Fu Fighters... Sidekick Idea...

Female Sidekick traits:

- Young woman.
- Outlaw/trainrobber.
- No family.
- Gets herself into a lot of trouble.
- Cheeky.
- Strong, can stand on her own two feet.
- Comparisons to Aladdin, Jade from Jackie Chan adventures, Little Mermaid.
- Robs trains for food, she's homeless/poor.
- Audience will sympathise wil her, and see a lot their own rebelious traits in her.
- Adventurous, curious.
- Stubborn, doesn't need any help.
- Gets kidnapped a lot.
- Young 'apprentice' style character.
- Possibly like a daughterly figure to our hero.

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