Thursday, 23 September 2010

Western - Kung Fu Fighters Influence Map...

Here's my influence map for my Western Kung Fu Fighters 80s cartoon...

- Shanghai Knights has an influence because of Jackie Chan being a kung fu fighter/martial arts and dressing as a cowboy.

- Kung Fu was an american tv series set in a western town with a kung fu fighter who had fled from his home in eastern europe, you can see the clear connections with my western kung fu fighters genre from the narrative alone.

- Bruce Lee is a kung fu/martial arts icon and therefore he could have an influence on my character design to show the element of kung fu fighting.

- I found a nice image of for concept designs for cowboys which i liked the style of and could influence a style of my own with digital painting.

- Shanghai Noon is the sequal to Shanghai Knights and has Jackie Chan once again dressed as a cowboy but this time it has the bonus elements of being a western film as well, this will surely influence my storyline and narrative.

- I found a digital painting for the game red dead redemption showing what looks like a fierce and menacing cowboy, this could influence the design of my villain.

- Another icon would be John Wayne, arguably the most famous cowboy, similar to bruce lee, this will influence my design because he is a well known figure and has a memorable look.

- Another shot from Red Dead Redemption shows a character looking towards a western town, i felt this image influenced the surroundings and environment of my story.

- Karate Kid is a classic kung fu/martial arts film and the story is based in america, although its not youre stereotypical western environment, it follows that idea of Kung Fu in the west.

- Kung Fu Panda has some really nice character design and is really influential because it has taken familiar animals and turned them into kung fu fighters.

- Kill Bill contains a lot of martial arts and although its a very violent film and in no way suitable for a childrens cartoon, the characters really stand out.

- Looney Tunes will always have a big influence in the world of animation and therefore Yosemite Sam had to be included in my influence map.

- The last two images are beautiful concept designs for environments i could use for the story, we have a typical western saloon and a beautiful chinese monastery/temple, both stereotypical places for each genre.

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