Sunday, 27 September 2009

Waterstones... The home of inspiration

Whilst doing some shopping in Maidstone yesterday, i decided to go int Waterstones to havea look at some art-based books. I end up spending most of my time in here, looking at books to get inspirationational ideas from. I've aways been one of these Wikipedia and google images fans, but there's nothing like looking through a book full of artwork. A few books that caugt my eye were some of the street art books, presening amazing grafitti art. I've always been a fan of street art and the likes of Banksy who's work always manages to amaze me. After looking at some of Kid Cudi's photoshoots, i particularly like the way Augor's work has been composited and i feel thi is something i woud like to try, getting ideas from the books saw in Waterstones. I also found a great book on storyboarding, unfortunately there was only the one. i realy want to develop my storyboarding and concept art sks, as i feel this is a crucial part of the course. looking at these books was a great inspiration and i can see myself spending lots more time in there.

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