Monday, 5 October 2009

Essay Question

Well I had been thinking about the assignment, but it was only in the back of my mind, as i've been fcusing more of my time on the actual portrait. it would have been better if i spread my time equally, but i found that the lecture and seminar were great for getting me on the right tracks. i was realy surprised with how much i have actualy learned already. i found that although i hadn't properly thoght about the essay, i had a good knowledge of how i would go about the topic of portraiture in digital culture. i wanted to focus my attention on how celebrities are portrayed, but after the seminar, i have found tht many of the questions were related. i found the main link, apart from the topic of portraiture, was identity and i figured that even if the assignment didn't mention that it should relate to identity, that soehow they all would. this has helped me ralise that portiture is just th representation of ones identity in an artform. i know that my topic will be on how celebrities are presented in portraits, but i feel i will need to do more researh toralise the speific question i will answer.

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