Monday, 26 October 2009

Unit 2... Space...

I'm really excited about this unit because it's definitely something that has always interested me. i always like looking at pictures and finding out how films were made, so concept art is definitely my kind of thing. On my way back home, on Friday evening, i stopped in WH Smiths whilst waiting for the train. i decided to see if i could find any VFX or concept art magazines to get some names of artists from. i managed to find one VFX and concept art magazine, so i copied all of the names from the plastic cover onto my phone. once i got on the train, i began to check out some of these artists on my laptop. unfortunately, i found that mobile broadband isn't so mobile unless your in London. but, between losing connections and reconnecting all the way home, i was able to look at a few different artists. Two artists who particularly interested me were Stanley Lau and Andrew Jones. i will certainly be looking at a lot more artists this week, helping me preapare some ideas.

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