Tuesday, 27 October 2009


It was clear to see how Metropolis influenced and layed out, the codes and conventions for the Sci-Fi genre, in film. it's got everything, the machines, futuristic setting and technology. But, the film itself didn't live up to my expectations, mainly because of all the hype around how groundbreaking it was. i found the narrative and storyline quite hard to follow in parts, and the pace was slowed down by the constant titles, which where also had inconsistent pace. some of the titles were on for too long, whilst others were way to quick to read. the one thing i did like was the mise-en-scene as a whole, a lot of the stuff you see on shot, for its time, was extremely high budget. i'm glad i finally got to see this film though, because i've never really got round to watchin it, but i love Sci-Fi films and have always wanted to see how influential this film was. It possibly would have been better if i had watched it when it was first made, because then i wouldn't have been comparing it to films that done things better.

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  1. 'done things better'? Isn't that a bit bizarre? Metropolis started everything - you're comparing retrospectively! How about trying to imagine yourself as a cinema-goer 'back then'? Really, you young people... :-)