Thursday, 22 October 2009

My Final Idea...

My final idea came from all of my research and previous brainstorms. The idea itself, was inspired by Augor’s work, along with the Kid Cudi and Master Shortie photo shoots. I like these creative ideas because they can show the personality well. My idea is to create a world from within my mind that can also represent the world we live in today. I will use a cityscape consumed by evil and destruction, whilst I will be struggling to cope with the evil. This will represent the struggle of the real world, but also show how the mind can often take control. I’m hoping that, although the self-portrait will seem quite creative and fun, you will still be able to see the deeper meaning behind the image. I think it will represent my personality extremely well as it shows a struggle but the image seems to be quite fun and not depressing in any way. This shows how I deal with my problems and worries. I will also make my self seem quite small and hidden, as though I am hiding from my problems. I hope that this self-portrait will present a different way of portraying someone, as I didn’t want to start using ideas that had already been done, I wanted to try something new. Although I have identified some of the deeper meaning within the self-portrait, I feel that even more ideas will arise to consume my identity within the image.

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