Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Dreaded Deadline... AHHHH!!!

As the deadline gets nearer, my anxiety levels are always at a high. I probably don't have anything to worry about, as i've almost finished my self-portrait and essay, with a few more Maya tutorials to go. That last week or so has been a great surge towards getting the work done and i feel like i've done so much. i would have been a bit screwed if i didn't put all the effort in the beginning of last week though. But i will a lot happier once we've reached the deadline and i get to go home...


  1. problem is that gonna be like this every 5 weeks... a bit of a thrill

  2. haha pretty much, for the rest of the three years :P it would be a lot better if i didn't have anxiety issues because i nearly always finish fine for time...