Thursday, 22 October 2009

Augor Research... one word... AMAZING!!!

I’ve been interested in Augor’s work ever since I saw the work he did with Kid Cudi for the Complex Magazine shoot. I’ve always been interested in the realm of street art and graffiti, especially the work of Banksy. But Augor seems to be doing something different, I particularly like the way his work is so cartoon like and completely imaginative. His illustration skills enable him to sketch and design ideas at a high level, along with a great skill for turning these ideas into actually graffiti. I’m particularly looking forward to his book, called “so called artist” due just before Christmas. Looking at his sketch book has been a great influence for me, as I really enjoy research and producing work, but I often find it hard during the idea development process. Looking at this type of work will continue to inspire, as it shows how he can draw from his imagination. This is something I often struggle with, as I prefer to draw from something I have seen and build it up. But this is definitely a skill I would like to develop.

Looking at some examples of work from his sketchbook, it’s clear to see that his thought process is unique. I like the way he crosses the boundaries of imagination to produce some surreal pieces of work. I can’t say that they make sense or even have a specific point to them, but the visual aesthetic alone is just amazing. He produces a lot of word art too, often producing graffiti and street art from the 5 letters of his name (Augor). This work is interesting too, but I prefer his artwork which portrays people and creatures from the surreal world within his mind. This is definitely an important part of concept design, in the industry, these days because there are so many great artists, that the industry needs new unique designers. It’s also really interesting to see how his sketchbook work reflects in his street art.
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  1. ahhh nice arists man, reminds me alot of alex pardee, check him out if you like this stuff