Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Self-Portrait...

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my final self-portrait as the whole point was uniqueness, and I didn’t feel like anyone’s work was similar to mine. But, like I said in the presentation, I still think its major downfalls are that I got too sucked into the world of Augor and only I could interpret and comprehend the true meaning of the image, as its something personal. The parts I was particularly happy with were the cyborg lizard because I feel that it looks pretty cool. I also feel the composition and style fit the purpose of the portrait and follow the codes and conventions, I established in my research, well. I was also happy with the way I composited myself into the image, blending it into the shadows I created. Although, I think it was hard to tell that I was actually in the image, I didn’t see this as an issue because I knew I was in the image, but from a viewers point of view, this would need to be something that was changed so it was clearer to see. I’m not too sure what I would change to improve this self-portrait, thought, because I feel it fulfils its purpose, but I think I would start from scratch and create a whole new idea if I had to redo the unit. Although, this could result in an image that wasn’t as unique, which would contradict my original intentions and possibly wouldn’t reflect my personality as well.

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