Thursday, 22 October 2009

Maya Tutorials... Detectives Desk... The Last one!!!

After getting into a spot of bother about whether or not i would finish the tutorials in time, i finally managed to complete all of them. it does feel good and i felt i have a learnt a lot suprisingly. even though some of them have been a bit of a chore, they have given me a great insight into Maya... thankyou Alan... keep em coming!


  1. Hi Ethan.

    Great to see that you managed to attempt all the tutorials. Only a couple of minor errors - Dice texture and no numbers on the poker chips. Despite this a good five weeks technical work. Well done.

  2. Yeah, i think both of them were UV mapping issues, if i'm right? but i'm not too sure where i went wrong, i'm going to try and redo them as soon as possible to learn from the mistakes. i find that i'm picking it up fairly quickly, so hopefully i can come on leaps and bounds this year. The tutorials were great, especially since i was using Cnema 4D at college and it's extremely hard to find any decent tutorials for it. I can't wait to see what else you bring our way... cheers.