Monday, 26 October 2009

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari...

I haven't seen many silent flms before, as they have never realy interested me. bt, i can accept that many of the codes and conventions we see in film today, have derived from these films. therefore, it is great to watch these films, because we owe it to them. I quite enjoyed this film, which was surprising, because it didn't think inwas going to. i liked the way it was quite surreal. although, the acting was pretty poor and some of the narrative was hard to follow, this may have been because we have become so used to sound telling us everything. Reading into the story behind the making of "Dr. Caligari" was interesting too, and showed how, not only was it influenticial as a horror film and film noir, but it was an earlier example of writers and painters, cameramen, actors, directors collaborating. this would create a new form of artistic expressionism. although, we can criticise and humour the film in our post-modern era, ruled by CGI and VFX, it is clear that these films were the cause of our much loved fims today, in terms of narrative and look.

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