Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dead Of Night...

Dead of Night is a 1945 British anthology horror film made by Ealing studios and its various episodes were directed by several different people. The particular episode we watched was called 'The Ventriliquist's Dummy'. The story follows an unbalanced ventriliquist who believes his amoral dummy is truely alive. Tnroughout the story, we are never fully sure whether the ventriliquist is crazy or whether the dummy is actually alive, and by the end, we're not even sure if the dummy is real. Although it was only short, I really enjoyed this story because it reminded me of the many adaptations i've seen. I particularly liked the way we are never sure whether the dummy is real or not. But, i find it a shame that i've only seen this story after its adaptations because it felt like it reminded me of the classic ventriliquist dummy stories i've seen, when in acual fact, this was the original.

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