Monday, 8 November 2010

Sidekick Design...

Here's the first design for my sidekick, Yang, it's clear to see it still neds some work and detail, but i think he's getting there. The proportions will need improving and some adjustments to the body shap-e will be required as it doesn't quite work yet. However, i do like the design of the protection around the legs and this idea that the heroin can still ride him even though he's on two legs. Her swords will be in the scabbard attached to the horse, but overall, i think the accesories need to stay minimalistic because there's only so much weight he could take. The hair and face are still a work in progress and i will do some studies of designs for them later today. i would also like to have a cool and stylish design for the scabbards and saddle as i'm keeping the accessories minimalistic, they will need to be interesting designs that fit in with the design of our heroin.

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