Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Transcription Initial Thoughts and Ideas...

I've been thinking about this unit for the past few days, trying to gather up initial thoughts and ideas about what route i would like to go down and from the word go, i've just wanted to adapt a story into a short animation. I think it's about time that i produced a piece of work that i'm proud of and i vow that this will be the one.

Since i've been watching a fair few animations recently, i've become particularly interested in Czech and Eastern European Stop motion and short animations. I'm really fascinated by the dark and surreal tones and moods in their work and i find them very stylistic and visual pleasing. This is definitely something i'd like to consider doing, possibly using a folktale or adult fairytale to create a very dark, stylistic and visually pleasing short animation. Two possible characters that come to mind are the devil, which is always fascinating to try and visualise as a dark character and Death, who poses another fascination in terms of character design. I particular like this idea of selling your soul, and with the devil in particular, i like the idea of attempting to visualise hell in a surrealist's way. This is definitely something i'm going to look into, and i'm sure there's many art works that i can drawon for inspiration.

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  1. yeah man...sounds like you got a good style goin on here, there definitely isnt enough adult CG out there :)