Monday, 8 November 2010

The Truman Show Review...

The Truman show is an American comedy-drama directed by Peter Weir in 1998 and follows 'Truman Burbank, a business man who lives a happy life. However, what he doesn't know is that his life is actually the focus of a reality TV show aired since his birth, that he's the star, his hometown is a giant set piece, and everyone around him is an actor going by a script.'

Usually when i watch a Jim Carey film, i'd sit there as he played the same comedy role as all his other films. However, The Truman Show, despite being comedy, actually hooks its audience by making them pity the character throughout the story. As an audience we are saddened by his 'caged' and 'emprisoned' lifestyle as in the beginning we are introduced to a character who's lifestyle is comparable to a Stepford Wives scene. The Truman Show is a completely character driven narrative and I felt Jim Carey plays the part extremely well. I found myself associating with the character throughout and wanting him to realise that his whole life was just a sage show. The concept itself is very clever and not too disimilar from the types of reality tv shows we watch today. However, the film did have a Groundhog Day feel to it, as some of the scenes became fairly repetitive, but i suppose this was the point, showing how everyday was prety much the same for Truman. Overall, The Tuman Show is a really interesting watch and will have you egging Truman on the whole way through.

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