Sunday, 30 January 2011

Erik Desmazieres...

Whilst looking through the work of Jorge Luis Borges, I came across Erik Desmazieres, an artist who's work particularly focuses on imaginary architecture using the styles and techniques of etching.

"Erik Desmazières was born in Rabbat, Morocco, son of a French diplomat. He spent his childhood in Morcco, Portugal, and France. Desmazières studied at the Institute d’Etudes Politiqoue, political science and took an evening art course at the Cours du Soir de la Ville. After graduation he decided to pursue a career as an artist."

"Considered to be one of the finest printmakers of his generation, Desmazières was strongly influenced by artists such as Giovanni Piranesi and Jacques Callot. Erik Desmazières work is represented by galleries in Europe, the United States, and Japan and is collected by important museums worldwide."


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