Saturday, 29 January 2011

Transcription... NEW Missionary Statement...

After some more feedback from Alan and Phil, I feel it's important to write a new missionary statement clearly identifying what i want from this project. Here are the main areas i need to improve and tackle in this project if i'm going to have any chance of a successful product at the end of the 10 week programme:

1. DEEP RESEARCH - After my talk last week, it was clear that Alan's emphasis on some deep research was going to be pivotal in my success during this unit. I decided to start from scratch, taking the suggestions my tutors had previously made as a start point and branching out from there. This means that from every bit of research i have the possibility of finding 10 more things and from those, a further 10 things etc giving a broader range of ideas and knowledge.

2. CHARACTER DESIGN OR ENVIRONMENT? - Phil asked a good question, and one that i hadn't really given some proper consideration until now. At this stage in the course, i would say my strengths definitely sway towards environment design, which Phil suggests i should use to direct the story of my animation. This would mean finding a story, narrative or text that heavily depends and revolves around environments or even objects.

3. STYLE - The most important thing i have taken from their feedback is a need to incorporate style into my work, with Alan suggesting creating a styles research portfolio, whilst Phil has recommended finding a story or text to transcribe before adopting a legitimate style to add to the mix. This could be from artists or illustrators from a similar time period or whose work naturally lends to the subject area of environments or objects in this case.

4. CONFIDENCE - A common hinderence in my work and studies is my lack of confidence. The only way i can tackle this successfully is to do well in my work, get stuck in and try to absorb as much knowledge from the resources (tutors, classmates, books, films/animations etc) around me as possible.

Other key skills i wish to adapt and further develop during this unit are a strong production pipeline from pre-production to post-production, organisation and time management skills, umong other...

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