Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Transcription Ideas... Red Riding Hood...

Aside from the Narrative project, i've been coming up with some more ideas for the Transcription unit. So far, i'm working on an adaptation of red riding hood, aiming to create a short animation to get the best out of the unit and keep developing my skills further. Here are a couple of ideas i've had:

What's in the basket?

This is a dark mystery story centred around the question of what's in the basket. I also had the idea of an added twist where the audience is led to believe that red riding hood is under the hood, but at the end, we find out it is actually the wolf.

Get the basket to Grandma

This story is more fun thanhe first idea as red riding hood would have to tackle a bundle of obstacles and problems to keep the basket safe and get it to grandma. This too could follow the mysterious question of what's in the basket which would be unveiled at the end.

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  1. hey Ethan - I've got to say it - Red Riding Hood has been done to DEATH! Go find something less depicted - trust me, there's so little wriggle room when it comes to Red Riding Hood, it'll be more of a curse than a blessing in terms of transcription... yawn.