Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Voyage of The Poppykettle by Robert R. Ingpen...

A long time ago in Peru, a community of miniature fishermen lived along the beach. Theirs was a simple life, making canoes out of grass and fishing for anchovies. But when the Spaniards invade, the little Peruvians have to search for a new home.

Transforming an old tea kettle into a ship suitable for the high seas, the small band set off in search of a land "beyond the horizon". They sail across the mighty pacific, dodging ferocius iguanas near the Galapagos Islands, getting lost on perilous reefs, and nearly sinking in a terrible storm. Finally, their tea kettle comes to rest in a strange new land they can call home - Australia.

Robert Ingpen animates this peculiar tale with vivid, rich illustrations, and imaginatively captures the details of daily life aboard a little tea kettle.

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