Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Concept Art/Storyboard Panels Development 01...

After speaking with Phil on Monday, we decided it was full steam ahead and my target is to produce an animatic by Monday. In preparation for developing my animatic, i sought after plenty of reference images for cinematic and photographic compositions i could use in the narrative of my environment design. Using these images, my silhouettes, and other reference images, i am layering everything in Photoshop to begin to consider how my town/world might look, thinking particularly about the types of shots i will be using in the piece. Here's some early progress images of the work i've produced so far...

The first panel represents a lovely shot i've seen in the trailer for 'One Night in One City', a Czech animation by Jan Balej. This shot begins with a window open in the distance with curtains flailing from the wind. The camera would slowly zoom in and begin to reveal the environment outside of the window as we get closer. The second panel focuses on perspective and will capitalise on the long and narrow street scenes i aim to model. Panel three represents a rooftop shot and the camera will pass through foreground elements like the chimneys, to create a filmic effect. These are just ways of visualising the shots i have in my head, contemplating what works and what doesn't, before i start to produce my animatic...


  1. already, Ethan, this is beginning to 'make sparks' - just push, keep pushing and get that animatic ready for Monday - think sound, think pace, don't forget the titles etc. Just try and make a commitment to the piece as a whole as completely as possible, and then, when next we meet, we'll be discussing refinements.

    Oh - just thought - because it's crit week for me, I won't be in on Monday - but it doesn't matter - get your animatic on line @ Phil, and you'll get a bunch of feedback from me. Good luck, and get it done.

  2. Hi Ethan, why do't you take a look at the printed version of the 'Setting Up Your Shots' from out of the office in the base room? It might help with pushing camera angles and shots etc. I've got the actual book which I bought and I find it helps if I always refer to it. Looking great though :D