Saturday, 1 October 2011

Minor Project Individual Tutorial... Week 2...

So i had my second individual tutorial with Alan yesterday, and it was a great insight into the progress of the project and in what direction i should take it. Alan and Phil are both keen on the idea of using the poem itself to create the expressionistic shapes in Alchemy, with Alan suggesting to recite the poem to create the shapes for the town/city, and using flute music for the design of the hills and natural enviroment. Looking at the work i have already produced Alan suggested seeing three different elements within the shapes; shapes that can be used to produce street plans, shapes that can already form expressionistic buildings, and shapes that can be combined to form expressionistic buildings. The next step after forming more shapes, will be to take them into photoshop and begin to create concepts for the town and buildings.

I also took the opportunity to ask Alan if he could recommend any films or sources that i could research into for my dissertation on screen violence. He introduced me to a documentary called 'Snuff: a documentary about killing on camera' which has some really interesting stuff on the subject matter of Snuff films and this idea of pushing the boundaries of reality in screen violence. It looks into controversial films like 'Cannibal Holocaust (1980)' and 'Flowers of flesh and blood (1985)', and how people have believed they were snuff films because the violence was so convinving; so photorealistic. He also suggested looking into Ronin, for its high bodycount in the background of the scenes, Death Race 2000, for the concept of the film in which the characters earn points for hitting pedestrians in their races, and A Clockwork Orange for its use of ultraviolence.

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