Saturday, 8 October 2011

Minor Project Individual Tutorial... Week 3...

So after my discussion with Alan yesterday, he feels that it's best if i go back to the spotlight silhouettes to get some sharper and more rigid shapes, as the Alchemy silhouettes have become quite 'blobby'. Once i have got some more silhouettes from the spotlight technique, i will begin to combine the more organic silhouettes from Alchemy with the spotlight silhouettes to form the buildings of my town. This will then enable me to take the silhouettes and paint onto them in Photoshop, beginning to consider how the would convert into a 3D environment and where they would be situated in my town. The town is something i need to go back and consider as i've lost the street elements in a lot of the silhouettes i've produced. To enable me to develop the silhouettes as concepts and coloured thumbnails, i'm hoping to start attending Photoshop Phil's lessons, to pick up some tips and techniques.

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  1. Indeed, Ethan - now it's time to return to the town itself and actually use your shape-extraction in an entirely practical way; they must combine to make distinctive environments - don't clam up or over-think this stage either, just build, then refine, then refine again.