Saturday, 4 February 2012

Major Project... Mise en Abyme Idea...

Mise en Abyme is something i touched upon when i was doing my soundscape project during the summer of 2010. Mise en in the realm of the creative arts and literary theory is a formal technique in which an image contains a smaller copy of itself, the sequence appearing to recur infinitely. This idea would see me design a seemingly perfect environment, in which the camera moves through and around the town/city. The fact that this seemingly perfect environment is abandoned and empty will create an uncanny feeling in the audience, as everything seems so quite and desolate. At the end of the animation, the camera would pull out of the environment to reveal it is actually an antique/souvenir hidden amongst rubble and dust of a destroyed version of the environment we've just seen. I imagine the souvenir/antique still being bright and in colour, whilst the surrounding destroyed environment is monotone and dull. My main concern for this idea is that it would hard to portray the sky as i wouldn't want to reveal that this is actually an environment within an environment until the very end.

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