Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wonda Sweets...

Following the concept that the evil "witch", is actually the CEO of a major corporation making sweets that lure and entice children, i decided to come up with a company name and logo. Possibly the most famous sweet company, inventor and manufacturer, Wonka, has inspired my designs for both a company name and logo, which pays an obvious homage to the sweets company and film. Paying homage to companies is something that Dreamworks has been known to do, and i thought this would be a nice opportunity to continue the tradition. Below are some of the designs i came up with, incorporating the elements that portray the CEO as a witch.

Replacing the traditional witches broomstick seemed like an obvious choice, although it might be an idea to create a more child-friendly candy-cane inspired witch, instead of the traditional halloween witch.

I also tried out an Apple inspired logo...

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