Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Celebration Town, Florida...

Celebration is a census-designated place (a concentration on population) and an unincorporated master-planned community, developed by The Walt Disney Company. It's located in northwest Osceola County in Florida. Celebratio has sucessfuly combined education, health, community, technlogy and architecture in a community with a strong sense of self. In the early 1990's, the Disney Development Company esablshed the Celebration Company to spearhead its development. World-renowned achitects designed celebraton to be a new and exciting place to live, work and play. Total investment frthe project s estimated at $2.5 billion. The community was developed to concentrate on population, allowing the government to look at statistical daa such as ethnicity, gender, age, household income etc... It is seperated into areas refered to as villages. During the utumn, leaf shaped confetti shoots out of the lamp posts on Market Street to similate falling Autumn leaves. In the holiday season, suds pour out of the lamp posts to replicate snow while Christmas music sreams from the sidewaks. There is a water fountain tha comes out from the ground; it is located next to the lake surrounded by palm trees and benches. It currently has approximately 9,000 residents with 4,060 homes and condominiums. Residents first moved in during the summer of 1996. A yealater the school and health centre opened, before a university center in 2001 and a High school in 2003. It has gone on to win major awards including '1996 Development of the Year', '1998 American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence' and '2001 Urban Land Institues Award for Excellence as Best New Community.'

What i love about Celebration Town is the resemblence it bares to film suburban communities we see in films like Stepford Wives, Edward Scissorhands and Halloween. That idea of a community that is so perfect and wonderful that nothing bad could happen, which perhaps creates the eerie feeling of falseness that we associate with them.

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