Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Gregory Crewdson... Beneath the Roses...

Beneath the Roses was an exhibition of twenty new large-scale photographys by Gregory Crewdson. The project took shape over the course of three years in collaboration with a full production team. In Beneath the Roses, anonymouse townscapes, forest clearings and broad, desolate streets are revealed as sites of mystery and wonder. Crewdson's scenes are tangibly atmospheric, visually alluring and often deeply disquieting. Never anchored precisely in time or place, the narratives of the series are rather located in the dystopic landscape of the anxious American imagination.
Beneath the Roses is similar to Twilight and, for me, is equally as successful. The sense of eerieness never fails to amaze me and i love the filmic look. I particularly like the way he uses shops and woods in this one, it creates an eerie feeling around the whole town. Although, i still prefer the intimate photographs of people in Twilight because i find them more uncanny. My favourite image is the one above because i feel it represents that intimate feeling well and i keep waiting for the woman to wake from her trance.

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