Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Gregory Crewdson... Natural Wonder...

So i've decided to look at each of his series of work individually as i feel there is a lot learn from them and he will probably be the most influencial artist out of everyone, for me anyway. I feel that researching and analysing each of his seres will help me think of more ideas and hopefully better ones too.

Natural wonder was one of Gregory Crewdson's early series of art works. It involves diaramas, 3D miniature models, created by the artist with insects, animals and body parts in "small-town settings both mundane and menacing." I find this series of work to be largely different from his more recent work. I prefer his recent stuff, for reasons i will talk about when i come t post about them. I don't find this style to be filmic or eerie (trance-like) in comparison to his more recnt work. However, i do like the bright colours used and i feel they make the images seem more painterly. It's very similar to his other work, in the way that he has so much going on in the frame, your eyes aren't too sure where to look. You can also see thathe mainly used birds and butterflies in this series. I can't help but feel the animals are watchng you though, as if we we there with them.

My favourite image is the butterfly one because it makes you wonder. We can see the flowers at the middle have been knocked over, and the butterflies have gathered in the middle, making you wonder whats going on.

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