Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to get my ideas off to the right start. I can't help but feel all my ideas have a genre and aren't pared back enough.

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  1. Morning Ethan,

    Oh dear - you sound a bit dejected this morning - that must be the effect of my 'conceptual hand grenade'... I think less is always more with a brief like this; in technical terms, your project is an exercise in staging, lighting, texturing and camera - it's how those various things can be brought together to give an 'emotional temperature' to a scene - in this instance, that temperature is 'clammy'! Check out this website for some environments rich in mood, presence and texture...

    Take a long, leisurely browse through these amazing spaces - and see if the goosebumps get started - and then ask yourself why.

    Another approach to creating the right kind of effect is displacement - the idea of objects being 'out of place' or strange, or objects associated with one thing being used to communicate something else; so think of spaces that are associated with warmth, innocence and fun, and then invert them (unheimlich - go back to this for conceptual clarity)... so, for instance...