Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Gregory Crewdson... Hover...

Gregory Crewdson is known for his disarming photographs of suburban life. In this series of photgraphs, Crewdson takes that approach to new heights, literally, in these aerial images of everyday American subdivisions. Shot from a crane, these works seem innocent enough on the surface, but reveal, upon closer investigation, a world strangely out of balance. These images are captured in realistic black and white. Hover revisits collisions between the tame and untame in the town of Lee, Massachusetts.
Hover is another one of Crewdson's successful series and, for me, it is the one that makes you look the hardest. I find my eyes constantly scanning the photographs from left to right, trying to piece the 'puzzle' together. The thing i love about these images is that you straight away notice something is wrong and this leads our minds to find whats wrong. Hover creates a similar sense of eerieness to Twilight and Beneath the Roses, but in a different way, because the camera is 'hovering' we don't feel intimate with the characters like in the other two, it's more of a general overlook of the scene.

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