Tuesday, 8 December 2009


So i've come up with a dozen or so ideas at the moment, i'm happy with pursuing a couple of them even further. My first idea is set at night and we see a car facing us in a confrontational position. The lights are on full beam and the camera sits behind a gate and fence which is padlocked with a rusty chain and has a lot of growth coming up. This gives the impression that this place hasn't been touched for a while and makes you wonder why the car is here, i also think it has something uncanny about, almost giving the possibility that car could be controlling itself. I will make the road up to the gate a long one so the possibility of a car just coming to a dead end and wanting to turn around is ruled out. I'm not too sure what the time period this would be yet, i was thinking a more futuristic concept for the car, giving the idea that it controls itself, similar to I, Robot, which incidentally, was where i got the idea from.

My second main idea was a living room which is rather tidy and normal, but the mirror is wonky or has slightly fallen down. I thought something could be knocked off the fire place from this, either stopped in motion or smashed on the floor. The canera will be offset to angle and the mirror will reflect throught to the bathroom where blood is spilled on the floor and up the shower curtain. I'm not too sure how the bathrrom will look, but i will create a murder scene, where we aren't too sure if the killer is still in the house or not. The offset camera angle and wonky mirror will hopefully create a distorted feeling, similar to the different angles Phil has been talking when we were watching films like The Haunting.

I will be posting some thumbnail sketches with notes soon, and hoepfully develop them into something i can take into Photoshop and Maya for my final piece. I will also be considering other ideas and new possibilities to make sure i get the best possible end product.


  1. HI Ethan,

    It's good to see you getting stuck in on the ideas front, but at risk of chucking a 'conceptual hand grenade' in your general direction, I want you to step away from the sci-fi stylings of your first idea, and the 'horror film' cliches of your second; the strength of Crewdson's work is that he plays knowingly with genre - but without confirming or denying the various possibilities suggested. Try and pare back your ideas to their essence and see if you can make the ordinary work a little harder for you...

  2. Hi Ethan, here is my blog addy as promised, I hope it gives you a few ideas