Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Final Cut Pro Lesson 1...

So we had our first Final Cut Pro (FCP) lesson today and i was amazed at how similar it was to PremierPro. One of the only differences seemed to be Apple's need to change the names, so they could be "different" from every other company in the computer industry. I could think of many different alternate names for a folder, however, Apple has completely baffled me by deciding to call them bins instead. This lesson was intriguing, but slightly basic, i found myself just getting to know the interface and he differen names, so that i was familiar with the software and i just had to remind myself of editing techniques because it's been a little while since i last used PremierPro. Overall, this lesson was very insightful, and i'm looking forward to progressing in the other upcoming lessons, because i've always enjoyed editing.

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