Friday, 19 February 2010

Problem Solving... Uncanny Maya Scene...

Just a quick post to say the main parts my uncanny scene needs improving on, and what maya problems i had when creating the scene...

- My work came out darker on the university computers than my own laptop, but my laptop didn't seem to be able to handle the capacity of the scene after a while. ie. it was rning extremely slowly and wouldn't render the scene... I asked Alan about this and he said that unfortunately all computer screens are different so that was probably why it came out darker.

- I will need to learn how to use the 3D fog effect and add this to my scene because the Photoshop effect didn't give the image any depth and made it look quite flat as well as painterly, which wasn't what was required of me; this unit was about the environment and space, so creating depth is crucial. I'm going to speak to Sam about the 3D fog effect in Maya because he used it in his own uncanny scene.

- I will need to improve the lighting in my scene, particularly following the lighting in my concept art... I have already gonbe through this with Alan today, and it was quite clear how important the lighting is in a scene, and how big a difference it can make.

- I need to add a light to the torch, possibly a spotlight. In my origial scene i used Photoshop to create a light source coming from the torch and it looked pretty awful. I tried to create a light coming from the torch earlier today but it didn't seem to work, so i will need to see Alan about that.

- Phil mentioned in the crit that he wanted to see me try different camera angles and positins to ge the most out ofmy scene and the environment... I already tried a closeup of the wheelchair and torch toda and i feel it looks better than my original wide view image. As i start to make some more chages and improvements, i will try some different positions and angles to see what suits the scene best.

- Depth seems to be the biggest problem in my original scene. Phil mentioned that there isn't a clear sense of foreground, mid-ground and backgrund, they seem to be combined together creating a flat image... To create more depth, the lighting plays a huge role; by creating shadows off the trees and objects, we automatically get the sense of a 3D environment in oppose to my flat scene. I feel bringing the objects, the wheelchair and the torch, to the foreground like i did today also creates more depth because the foreground, mid-ground and background elements become more visible.

There are more improvements and changes that could be made to make this image, but i feel the whole pointof his resubmission is to ainly learn from any problems i had with the software, not to worry too much about make the image look 'perfect'...

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