Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Character Design Drawings...

After our second week of character design workshop, we were asked to start producing some basic shapes using the squares, circles and triangle designs Justin showed us. These are the drawings i came up with, the top being an example of a square shape design, the middle an example of circular design and the bottom an example of triangular design. As you can already begin to see, each shape gives a certain tone and feel to the character, with the square shape being particularly masculine and the circular shape being more curvacious and feminine. I am fairly happy with these designs as building blocks, which were taken from influential images i've found. However, as Justin informed me today, i seem to have jumped ahead a little and skipped a few stages, so therefore i need to go back and block out some really basic shapes and build up from there. The good thing is these drawings have given me a starting idea in my head and hopefully I can end up with a fully reformed design using the pipeline Justin is teaching us.

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