Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Character Profiles...

Sorrow (Heroin):

An outkast to the rest of civilisation and a lone ranger without any family or friends, Sorrow is taken in by by Master Yinn who becomes like a fatherly figure to her. Whilst her Master Trains her to fight kung fu style, his evil brother, 'The Sheriff', runs the town and sees her master as a threat, having him rid of and killed. Sorrow becomes a lone ranger again left only with her innate ability to use forged weapons and fight kung fu style. This time she isn't alone though, with her new loyal companion, Yang, a horse who would do anything to protect Sorrow. With The Sheriif slowly taking over and corrupting the villages and towns of the west, Sorrow seeks vengence in the name of her master and will stop at nothing and no one to give The Sheriff his comeupance.

Yang (Sidekick):

Yang isn't just an ordinary horse, posing almost human-like qualities synonimous with loyal animal companions found in other films and tv series. Yang was previously Master Yinn's horse, but with his Master dead, Yang knows he must do everything in his power to protect Sorrow and help her rid of the evil. Despite only being a horse, Yang has an innate ability to kick with his hind legs and front legs kung fu style.

The Sheriff (Villain):

The brother to Master Yinn, The Sheriff is an evil force slowly taking over the west, becoming more and more powerful; he needs to be stopped. Despite being a force to be reconned with, and having an ancient samurai/kung fu fighting style, The Sheriff would rather sit back and let his henchmen handle anyone who tries to defy him. No one knows his real name and he has never removed his mask.

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