Friday, 22 October 2010

Colin White Meeting...

At almost the halfway stage in our character design unit we each had a 15 minute one-to-one meeting with Colin White, who we had previously been introduced to last year as a guest lecturer. Unfortunately, 15 minutes went too quickly and I could have spent hours talking to him, but the 15 minuts I got was extremely resourceful and helpful. I began by introducing him to my genres and storyline, and straight away I was getting a buzz from him. After that, I showed him the drawings I had done thus far and he seemed impressed with the clothing drawings I had produced, reassuring me that it was perfectly fine to take ideas from pictures I got from the internet. He produced a couple of drawings for each of my characters, focusing mainly on my hero because she was the most resolved character at this point and helping me with designs for the villain and sidekick as i'm further behind with them. Colin took the different clothing designs I had for my female character and produced a couple of drawings with these integrated elements. In a couple of minutes I had a 2 really helpful images showing how I could integrate the clothing and objects into my characters. Afterwards, I explained to him that I was struggling with the shape of my sheriff so he quickly drew a couple of sketches that I can now use as a basis. He also gave me some good ideas about which direction I should take the design of the horse in, suggesting that minimalistic objects/clothing may work better. This meeting has since given me the incentive to really push forward with this project and start developing my fully resolved characters.

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