Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pitch Feedback

On Wednesday we had our pitch for the group project. I was really pleased with the progress during our pre-production stage and felt that we were keeping up to date with the pipeline of work. We were already aware that the beginning of our trailer needed to be stronger and more effective, from previous feedback we received on our studio blog. I was really pleased with our preparation for the pitch and therefore I felt it went really well, with the main constructive feedback being that we needed to work on the design of our alien from cute toy form to monstrous 50 foot alien form. After receiving this feedback, our group decided to have a quick meeting, agreeing that we now need to work on the alien design, beginning of the trailer and start to push forward with the Maya work in the production stage. Overall, the feedback was a great insight into what we need to improve and how well we’ve progressed as a studio thus far. I feel we almost have a green light for the production stage and I’m now really looking forward to getting hands-on with some Maya modelling.

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