Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cathedral Interior... Theatrical Lighting Tests...

Since Tuesdays tutorial with Phil, i've been trying to figure out the best way of adding theatrical lighting to this scene. Phil explained that it needn't be realistic because this is a CG world, so we can exhaggerate and manipulate the elements of realism, mainly for visually pleasing results and visual aesthetic. The type of dramatic and theatrical lighting Phil suggested referencing was woodland as it has similar breathrough light beams from the trees that i aim o achieve through the cathedral windows. So a couple of problems i have at the moment involve the fog which makes normal lights struggle to to be seen and also Mental Ray will kill me on render time, so i haven't got the added lighting benefits that poses, which seems to be the main choice for most under water lighting tutorials. However, i decided to import my searchlight scene from the narrative project and use the light beam from that which seems to have a visually pleasing effect on th overall scene. At the moment it still needs a lot of work because i've kept all the settings the same from the searchlight scene. The light beams are actually cylinders with glow, but the object is hidden meaning that only the glow is rendered.


  1. Ethan - you need to speak with Alan - he'll have lots of practical advice no doubt re. alternate techniques etc. Create a post especially for his attention - with a shopping list of the things you want to achieve; so it would be useful too to include reference images of the kinds of effects you're looking to accomplish.

    Also - consider the idea that the roof itself has holes in - this letting spears of sunlight enter into the environment that way...

  2. Hi,

    I know you're horribly busy, but I'm just prompting you to complete the Student Survey 2011 - see link below! Many thanks!